Stumptown Miscellany – Day Two

Phew–that was a lot of con. Today was more intense at the table, and I hardly had any time to wander. Now, I am entirely braindead, so again, just a handful of notes before I crash. Proper write-up and forum thread tomorrow.
-No matter how cool you are, Sky McCloud is probably way cooler than you.
-It always kind of blows my mind to discover that people other than my parents read Inside Out.
-Colleen Coover drew a pirate with a strap-on in my sketchbook! How awesome is that? PRETTY DAMN AWESOME!
-One of the fun things about cons is meeting friends of friends. I had long conversations with Raina Telgemeier and Dylan Meconis about how much we all love Dean Trippe (and you should, too).
-I met a wonderful woman named Maria who’s starting a geekspace-for-women website called .51 (Premiering May 1, 2008 at She is ridiculously neat, and we are going to interview each other once her site is up and running!
-Have I mentioned that I adore Barry Deutsch? Not only does he write a fuckin’ brilliant feminist blog and make splendid comics, he also loves Baker Street, one of my all-time favorite comics.
-My favorite artist-I-just-discovered-at-this-con is probably Maxine Frank (actually, she found us).