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The Rolex Submariner Date Reference 116613LB is two-tone stainless steel and 18k yellow version of Rolex’s iconic dive watch with a blue dial and matching blue Cerachrom bezel. Produced from 2009 until 2020, the Ref. 116613LB is the first two-tone stainless steel and 18K yellow version of Rolex’s iconic dive watch. 116613LB is the first two-tone Submariner with a ceramic bezel insert and the last Rolex dive watch with a case diameter of 40 mm before updating the entire Submariner collection to a 41 mm case. While blue has a long history of appearing on various models in the replica Rolex Submariner collection, it has only appeared on two-tone and solid gold references, and two-tone Submariner watches with blue dials are often nicknamed “Bluesy” in some collector circles. Rolex watches
Rolesor is the iconic Rolex term for the use of both stainless steel and gold components on a single watch, and the Yellow Rolesor is the variety that pairs stainless steel with 18k gold. In addition to the stainless steel and solid gold versions of the Submariner, Rolex also produces the Rolesor version, which has been a cornerstone product of the brand’s catalog since the mid-1980s. Two-tone watches have been present in the Rolex catalog since the 1930s, and many consider the two-tone aesthetic to be a symbol of the Rolex brand.
With its Maxi dial, Cerachrom bezel, solid link Oyster bracelet, and updated case proportions, the Reference 116613LB is a completely modern watch that could easily be mistaken for a current production model. However, the movement inside is the older Caliber 3135, which first appeared in the late 1980s and has been used to drive the date display on countless Rolex replica models over the years.
Like all modern Rolex Submariner fake watches, the 116613LB features a depth rating of 300 meters, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and the brand’s signature Cyclops magnifying glass above the date window at 3 o’clock. In addition, like the current production model, the Rolex Submariner ref. 116613LB features an Oyster bracelet with solid links. It allows instant adjustment of the bracelet length in 2 mm increments up to 20 mm without the use of tools.
Although the official case diameter measurement for the 116613LB is 40 mm, the 116613LB’s official case diameter is 40 mm, but its “super case” design with substantially thicker lugs and the crown guard gives the watch an overall look and feel more similar to the 41 mm case currently in production.

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One of the most confusing points is around the condition. In your search, you’ll most likely come across two replica watches that look exactly the same — the same manufacturing, model, reference, and so on — but with a wide price difference. To add to the confusion, the fake rolex watch that seems likely to have had a harder life apparently had some impact on its case, or its face had weathered in the sun and was more expensive.
It all comes down to some of the collectors’ preference for originality. A watch in ‘honest’ condition, i.e. one which has never been polished by a service center to remove any scratches, is incredibly rare and therefore more valuable. While polishing can bring a watch back to its showroom shine, it does so by removing minute layers of metal and, if done enough times, leaves lugs uneven or eradicates those wonderful chamfered edges along the flanks.
A similar philosophy applies to the dial. Any vintage watch will have a dial which signs of age; the question is, what kind? One displaying a nice patina, or those known as ‘tropical’ (where a black dial has faded to an attractive even brown color) is highly sought after. However, one showing signs of water damage, such as staining on the markers, is to be avoided and they can sometimes mean that the replica rolex watches may have internal problems as well. The dial of a vintage timepiece can account for up to 85% of the total value.
The condition should also be consistent. Both dial and handset should display the same level of aging, it is a total sign that one or the other has been replaced at some point. Delicate cases, service dials, or hands-on vintage watches do not cause any transactions to fail, but they need to be identified and priced accordingly compared to those with the correct dial, original watches.

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Let’s face it that the 1980s were not a great time for watchmaking — or, in terms of design. That said, Rolex has never been one to reinvent the wheel or abandon past design norms, nor has it suffered nearly as much damage over the past decade. Many ’80s Rolex watches are not yet considered antique, so they are not as memorable as watches from the’ 60s and ’70s, or as modern as watches from the late’ 90s to the present.
What does this mean for collectors? Well, in other ways, it makes a full decade’s worth of watches easier to buy than their peers — even though they are destined to reach a similar level of long-term appreciation in the years to come. With that in mind, here we have a number of replica rolex models from the New Wave and Synth-Pop era of the 1980s.
In some respects, it’s the best of both worlds for an ‘older’ Submariner. This is the model that updated the line to the quick-set Cal. 3035, and that also added a sapphire crystal to the equation for the first time.
The ref. 16800 Submariner also falls into the window of use of Tritium lume, which ages with its own special feature. This combination of modern/retro makes for a great daily wearer, arguably more so than a ref. 5513 in some respects, plus you can still scoop up a good example.
Another option here, as the Coke bezel GMT-Master II was one of the very few interesting things to surface in the watch world in the ’80s. That’s correct, and this bad boy was launched in 1983, as the first of the GMT-Master II models featuring the then-new Cal. 3085 movement.
The ref. 16760 GMT-Master II was the dawn of the independently adjustable hour hands for fake rolex, and the reference that became famous as the ‘Fat Lady’ or the ‘Sophia Loren’ on account of the slightly thicker case needed to house the new, more-advanced caliber.
Even though the big and gaudy gold things were truly a product of the ’70s, a big statement piece equally had its place during the ’80s. For this occasion, there’s no bigger statement than a solid gold Rolex Day-Date, particularly one with a Presidential bracelet with bark textured center links, matching bark textured bezel, and a Tiger’s Eye dial. Submariner is one of many two-tone replica watches, which is somewhat surprising considering how much the brand likes to tap into its tool-table roots. In many ways, the move laid the groundwork for a submariner’s status, rather than a diving outfit.