Thoughts on Wonder Woman Link Roundup

This is the final post of a series on Wonder Woman, in context of her recent appearance on the cover of the February 2008 issue of Playboy magazine. You can find the first three posts here:
There’s Something About Wonder Woman Introduction
There’s Something About Lynda Carter / Blogging for Choice
Less than Wonderful
In all of the preceding posts, I’ve argued that Wonder Woman as she appeared on Playboy represented an idea, not just a character. I think I’ve pretty well covered the bases in terms of what Wonder Woman means to me, so today’s going to be a roundup of links on Wonder Woman’s significance as a character and an icon.
The Legacy of Wonder Woman
Wonder-Working Power
Wonder Woman Strong as Ever Even at 65
Dignity in Satin: Part One
Dignity in Satin: Part Two
Dignity in Satin: Part Three
Dignity in Satin: Part Four
Wonder Woman Museum
The Inheritance of Same-and-Other, Human-and-Amazon: A Brief Review of Wonder Woman #14
Loving Wonder Woman
Diana Prince: Wonder Woman
The Significance of Gail Simone
The Right and Wrong Way to Write Wonder Woman
That’s Not Power
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