Whew, what a week! What a month, really. Or couple of months. This week’s post is going to be a series of short newsbits while I play catch-up from two operations, the death of a good friend, three family visits, and the convention season; and get ready to go to a friend’s wedding across the country next week, while putting the final touches on the Girl-Wonder Art Et Cetera Auction (which starts in gulp three days), writing a series of articles for Sequential Tart, preparing the abstract for a conference paper, and looking into putting a deposit on a studio space with two friends. Oh, and I have a birthday coming up. And no, I won’t tell you how old I’m going to beyou’ll tease.
This past weekend, I joined Girl-Wonder members Livia Penn and Noah Brand at Girl-Wonder’s first-ever convention table, at Stumptown Comics Fest. To say that it rocked would be an understatementwe were totally bowled over by the tremendously positive reactions we got from both fans and professionals, and from the number of both who were familiar with and fond of Girl-Wonder. Next week, I’ll be teaming up with Noah and Livia to take over the world post a detailed con report, complete with photos of our booth and scans of the awesome sketchbook we had there.
If you just can’t get enough of my witty, incisive commentary, you can get a double dose this week by stopping by Project Rooftop, where I’m a guest reviewer on the current feature, Spoiler Warning: A Stephanie Brown Special. The designs are awesome (I WANT KNEE-HIGH RED SPATS SO BAD!), and we have long philosophical discussions about superhero footwear.
And, a bit of mixed news: after next week’s Stumptown Con Report, Inside Out is going to go biweekly. I have way too much on my plate right now, and I’d rather post half as many good, polished columns on time than twice as many rushed, late jumbles. I’ll try to make up for the schedule change with more, better contentand maybe on off-weeks I’ll do some brief linkblogging or post fan art. Who knows? Not I…