How To Wear Denim On Denim

You may remember the article I wrote a few months ago on how to wear double denim, but one thing I didn’t cover too extensively in it was triple denim or denim multiple times. Now that fall is here, triple denim is going to be worn everywhere because people just want to incorporate more and more denim into their wardrobe. A lot of people still think that double denim is a no too, but a lot of people are starting to accept that, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy triple denim too!
I recently wore this triple denim outfit (above and below) and I couldn’t be more in love with it! Being the denim addict that I am, the more opportunities I get to wear jeans, the more I jump on them! So, with that being said, how do you wear multiple pairs of jeans on top of each other to make them look chic without looking dull? The key is in the shade of denim you choose and of course, the styling! Find out my fall/winter as well as spring/summer rocking tips and boys, don’t worry, this isn’t just an article for the ladies, I’ve styled multiple jeans for you too!
One of the ways I personally like to wear jeans is with really dark indigo blue jeans (in this case, I had on the James Jeans Twiggy Dancer, which you can get here) or a pair of jet black, and then I like to opt for a mid-blue denim shirt to wear over my upper body and tie a light blue denim shirt around my waist. The contrast of the three different shades of denim really compliments each other and doesn’t look too over the top.
So, the key to creating an outfit that is stylish and versatile without being too denim-heavy is to choose three very different shades of blue. I even added blue accessories to mine just to add some blue elements that aren’t denim and keep it subtle. I’ve found that this look works for both Fall and Spring because it uses various shades of blue, depending on what climate you live in of course.
This look on Micah Gianelli’s top is one of my favorites! She’s always so fashionable and stylish and I love her combo of black skinny jeans, a medium blue shirt, and then a similar denim jacket to layer over the top. I love her combo of black skinny jeans, a mid-blue shirt, and then layering a similar denim jacket over a top. In my opinion, if you’re going to wear all three pieces (instead of tying one of them around your waist), then you could pair the top two pieces, like the shirt and jacket, in the same color since they’re so close together. That will do it.
A lot of fashion bloggers like to do jeans with boyfriend jeans, but beautify them by wearing heels. It’s really important to do this because wearing so many jeans can really drown out your body, especially if it’s baggy, so heels help elongate your legs.
Since these are a triple denim look for fall, I also recommend wearing boots with your skinny jeans! I like to keep the same shade as my jeans, though, to really help lengthen your legs and keep your outfit looking smarter, rather than sloppy. If you want to dress a little more casual, you have a pair of light jeans and some beige or light brown boots that will work too. You can get most of the pieces you need here at Shopbop, Revolve, and ASOS.
Now in spring/summer, triple jeans change a little bit and can be more creative because you’re wearing fewer jeans! The same rule applies from above, about choosing a different shade of blue, but you can switch the wholesale jeans out for denim shorts or a denim skirt and you can change the jacket for a sleeveless version! I find that sticking to a lighter color palette in general though can really work, so try opting for white, twill, and bleached denim instead of dark blue and black.
You can even throw in short denim overalls here too! Layer them over a denim shirt, and then why not tie another denim shirt or jacket around your waist? It’s definitely a cool look that I see a lot in the summer, especially at festivals.
Cut and tie front denim shirts are also a big hit during the warmer months, creating a skin tone gap between the two shades of denim. This gives you more room to be less fussy about your denim shades, which means you can even choose two similar colors as they won’t clash too much! Just make sure that your third choice is completely different, although you don’t want three of the same. It’s starting to get into the realm of denim suits, think Justin and Britney.
Another amazing thing about denim on denim in summer is the accessories. Why not try a double denim look but then finish it off with a denim clutch or bag? Or even better, why not tie a denim headband with a bow in your hair to create a triple denim look that isn’t too heavy if it’s too warm outside. You can get most of the pieces you need here at Shopbop, Revolve, and ASOS.

  • Which of these looks is your favorite? And do you prefer to wear triple jeans in the warm or cold season?