Ross Campbell: Kind of a big deal

Attention: These items were originally described as prints when in fact many of them are originals.  Prices and lots have been adjusted accordingly.

Ross Campbell is one of those artists whose work I’ve been gaping at for years–first, when he started illustrating for WhiteWolf games, and later as he brought his exquisite painted figure work to comics–Hopeless SavagesWet Moon, and his upcoming Minx book, Water Baby. He draws some of the most interesting, sexiest, strongest, and most all-around-awesome women I’ve ever seen, and the scope of his work–from superheroes, to college students, to monsters–never ceases to impress me: I won’t be the least bit surprised if someday he’s generally accepted as one of the modern masters of dynamic pin-up art. If you haven’t checked out his art before, now is a great chance, as Ross has given us a small army’s worth of both original pieces and prints.

The following are pieces of Ross Cambell original art:

From Wet Moon:






From The Abandoned:

From X-Men:




Emma Frost

Angel II

From Exalted:
Demon of the Third Circle

Metal Storm

The starting bid for each of these original pieces will be U.S. $30.
The following are original prints. Because there are so many, these will be sold in sets of two.
Wet Moon Set 1: Cleo and Mara

Wet Moon Set 2: Cleo and Audrey

Wet Moon Set 3: Audrey and Fall

Wet Moon Set 4: Mara and Natalie

Mixed Set: Mara (Wet Moon) and Rylie (The Abandoned)
[Image not currently available]
The starting bid for each set of two prints will be U.S. $10.
You’ll be able to bid on these and other items in the Girl-Wonder Art Et Cetera Auction, from October 7-14, 2007.