December 12, 2010

OUT/THERE: Sex & Gender In This Month In 2000 AD & Judge Dredd Megazine

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A guest column by Colin Smith


And things were going so well.

We weren’t halfway through September and there were strong women to be found everywhere in both 2000 ad and The Megazine. Lily Mackenzie, Judge Anderson and Judge Inaba were headlining characters in the latter, while Rowan Morrigan was the lead in “Age Of Wolf” in the former. Elsewhere in both comics, female characters were occupying substantial support roles, as in “Low-Life” and “Nikolai Dante”, and carrying the protagonist’s responsibilities in short stories such as “A Judge’s First Duty”.

It may or may not have been a deliberate policy on the part of Tharg’s staff, but editor Matt Smith certainly recognised an opportunity to use the matter of gender to score points off of Mark Millar’s newly minted “Clint”, a new monthly aimed squarely at an audience of utterly unreconstructed adolescent blokes. 2000 ad and the Megazine were apparently, he announced, welcoming comic books for right-thinking women as much as long-reading fan-males everywhere.

It wasn’t entirely true, of course, but there were undeniably positive aspects to the strips being published at that time where representations of gender were concerned. The women were brave and strong, comfortable with authority and secure in their own worth. They weren’t reliant on men saving the day, trying to prove themselves to daddy, or running away from their destiny as housewives and mothers. Most importantly, they weren’t functioning solely, or even significantly, as sex objects.

Things were undoubtedly looking up, and yet there was a still a very real sense that the most difficult challenges were still ahead. Of all of the female characters on show, only the splendidly self-possessed and decidedly life-worn Judge Thora, the fearsomely matriarchal Madame Dante and the stern Judge Leland weren’t notably youthful, slim-hipped and alluring. The idea that a woman’s body might be represented as something other than fatless, hairless, boy-hipped, and beautifully symmetrical clearly hadn’t taken hold across the range of creators, although in places even characters which appeared to have been designed merely to be alluring revealed unexpected qualities. Simon Fraser’s “Lily Mackenzie”, for example, began in the Megazine with a series of stories that strayed at times towards cheesecake, and yet, over the passing months, the eponymous heroine was revealed to be bright, determined, and more than capable of looking after herself; her looks quickly and thankfully ceased to define her. And Boo Cook’s artwork for Judge Anderson at times showed the heroine originally modelled on a 30-something Debbie Harry aging gracefully into someone still beautiful, but at times stoically mature. If the reader still wasn’t being given women whose appearance reflected even the breadth of types that a typical TV soap might offer, there was without doubt some significant movement forward.

It hasn’t lasted. Strips starring female characters have been blinking out of sight since October and their replacements have been far less representative of anything other than blokes. 2000 ad carried not a single strip starring a female lead in November, and, most worrying, those women who have appeared in the comic have been often confined to some very traditional roles indeed. In prog 1713, for example, there are women as youthful lures, clothes-makers, old lovers, and beguiling if vengeful ghosts. Considered in isolation, none of these various characters can be considered as offensive in the slightest way, and many were examples of impressive work. But when the presence of women in a comic-book exists only as a string of slight and stereotypical roles, then it’s the cumulative effect which counts.

This week’s 2000 ad brings us little relief either. No female leads at all. An apparently helpless girl-woman about to be executed in “Slaine” before the anti-hero’s gaze. And in both “SinisterDexter” and “Dandridge”, women act as beautiful dispatchers while the men engage in the business of daring deeds and grand explosions. These women are bright and impressive and powerful, but it’s still the men who do the fighting and dominate the majority of the panel-time, while the women serve behind the lines. As said above, this doesn’t make these characters offensive in the slightest way, but what it does do is highlight the pressing need for 2000 ad to be carrying more female leads in its more recent pages.

It’s a shame to find a year closing in such a fashion when in places it’s been producing such promising fare. Perhaps it might be more productive to end with a mention of some of those characters which have to a greater or less degree both defied the prevailing comic-book stereotypes of women while standing as entertaining characters in their own right. And so, in no particular order, may I present to you my votes for Women Of The Year in 2000ad and the Megazine;

1. Judge Thora, from “Low-Life” by Rob Williams and D’israeli

It took me a while to warm to Judge Thora as a character, mainly because Mr William’s script for “Low-Life” was based on the assumption that all his readers would be familiar with the characters at hand, and this reader wasn’t. Yet, like a champion who’s stumbled out of the starting gate and yet raced past the finish line well ahead of the field, “Low-Life” soon established its pedigree and justified its form. In Judge Thora, writer Mr Williams presented us with a portrait of a woman obsessed with staring hard choices straight in the eye while being egotistical and determined enough to betray most every principle and colleague she had in doing so. It’s the type of role which comic-book fictions rarely grant to women, and at every stage of their story, Mr Williams and Mr D’Israeli ensured that their depiction of Thora was both quite individual and entirely free of traditionally sexist tropes. Chief of the undercover “Wally Squad” in the “Low-Life”, and so responsible for policing one of the roughest slums in the future city of Mega-City One, Thora could never be mistaken for a standard-issue, deeply-caring matriarch. Looking as old and worn and yet indomitable as the neighbourhood she felt she represented, Thora was neither mother, lover, victim or child, and her assassination at the end of “Low-Life” was a source of some considerable regret to this reader. Yet so strong was her character, and so significant the menace she’d presented, that her murder never felt like that traditionally dealt out to uppity women. Thora was shot because she was too formidable and corrupt to be allowed to live, and that’s a very different matter indeed.

2. Lily Mackenzie, by Simon Fraser

I’d never have imagined presenting Lily as a character worthy of the reader’s attention and respect after her first few appearances, as discussed above. But as the months have passed, Mr Fraser has achieved a remarkable feat, in that he’s confounded initial presumptions through the gently-paced establishing of Lily as a bright, intelligent and determined lead for his strip. A highly-competent young woman searching for her lost brother in a mundane outer-space setting, Lily’s adventures are distinguished by a focus on the everyday practicalities of surviving a future entirely free of alien monsters and ray guns. And from the scenes in which Lily expresses her joyful and practical command of the biological sciences on the surface of Charybdis, to those in which she reluctantly uses her army brat’s skill with a gun to defend friend and family from a fearsome assault, Mr Fraser’s work has established his heroine as an individual and not a type, as a well-rounded character and not merely a pleasant and attractive lead, and that’s a process well worthy of respect.

3. June Akiwara, from “Damnation Station” by Al Ewing, Simon Davis and Boo Cook

One of the advantages of the presence of women who occupy the space usually dominated by male heroes is that other female characters can be shown in more traditional roles without seeming to argue that being, for example, a wife and mother is all that a woman can ever be. Yet even considering that, the arc of June Akiwara’s life, from her cheerful and competent first appearance to her final scene as the slaughtered victim of a “terrorist” attack, might in the hands of a less able writer than Al Ewing seem hopelessly retrograde. A mother traumatised by the loss of her child, and vulnerable to despair and self-harm if she suspects she’s hurt anyone else she’s responsible for, June might once have seemed to represent the fate of women who try to rise above their traditional place in life. But in ”Damnation Station”, she stands not for female weakness, but for the misdirection of humanity’s empathy, for the way in which we damage ourselves and others by unthinkingly serving causes which exploit rather than assist our fellows. In Al Ewing’s tale of humanity fighting on the wrong side in a galactic war, all of June’s attempts to serve with competency and care are doomed to fall woefully short despite her very best efforts because she’s simply serving the wrong cause. In such a context, June’s collapse from apparently-competent legionnaire to drug-dulled, broken-hearted victim of a terrorist attack stands not as an example of fundamental feminine weakness, but of what happens to human beings when they’re perverted into serving apparently-laudable, but entirely-corrupt leaders. In a sense, for the utter corruption of the moral order in “Damnation Station” to be fully established, the most decent and wounded of all the characters there had to be shown being obliterated, and that was June Akiwara. Bad things happen to ordinary folks unwittingly serving anti-social ends, Damnation Station argues, and it’s a point that couldn’t be so movingly established without such a genuinely tragic loss.

It’s notable, however, that two of my three choices for “Female Character Of The Year” ended up dead in 2010. Let’s hope for better times, and where appropriate, longer lives, for the women of 2000 ad and the Megazine in 2011.

Colin Smith blogs regularly at Too Busy Thinking About My Comics


  1. Dear Colin,
    I know I shouldn’t, but I simply must respond to your comment regarding Dandridge by myself and artist Warren Pleece.
    The accusation that the character of Angela is a “beautiful and passive enabler” could not, in my opinion, be further from the truth! As you see in the final episode, Angela holds all power over the main character throughout the entire story and was written specifically with this in mind, while Dandridge himself is partly intended as an effeminate parody of male heroism!
    Angela’s “beauty”, or lack of it, is irrelevant! I specifically described the character to Warren first and foremost as “ferociously intelligent and utterly sensual,” and he met my description perfectly, as far as I’m concerned! I do not believe a woman’s worth or relevance within a story should be measured by her looks. Nor should she be valued entirely by traditional male standards, such as the ability to throw a punch or fire a gun.
    I’m going to regret this.
    Alec Worley

    Comment by Alec Worley — December 13, 2010 @ 2:08 am

  2. PS: Contrary to your claim that “2000 AD carried not a single strip starring a female lead in November”, Prog 1710 (published 10 November) featured the story ‘Future Shocks: MyHeaven’, by myself and Inaki Miranda, and which featured not one but TWO female leads!

    Comment by Alec Worley — December 13, 2010 @ 2:34 am

  3. Hello Alec:- actually, you should. You very much should. It’s absolutely right you should point out mistakes in what I’ve written, just as it’s appropriate that I should learn from what you’re saying and not try to weasel out of things. I’ll make no excuses, but will offer my apologies, and I’ll go back to the issues I’m discussing and check my facts and opinions. Where I’ve screwed up, I’ll amend what I’ve written, but I will of course leave the comments above to stand. Thank you for the feedback, and the article will be amended where necessary by this evening. Your second point is absolutely relevant. My intention was to write that 2000 ad carried not a single CONTINUING strip …. ‘Tis bad writing. The use of the word “enabler” is imprecise too. I stand by the sense that I intended to deliver, which is that the women I was discussing are not the ones doing the fighting and fulfilling the traditional hero role, but rather those who are setting, or seeming to, events in motion. The correct terms, if I recall my Media Studies days, is “dispatcher”, though I’m happy to be corrected there. I fully accept that parody is quite deliberately part of Dandridge’s potrayal, and a vital and explicit part at that. But in the context of 2000ad, that still leaves a bloke actually doing things and a woman, no matter her power, in the background. None of that, however, changes the fact that both points you raise need correcting.

    I realise you have a thousand thousand things to do before worrying about the imprecisions in my work, but you’re right, and I’d welcome being corrected when I screw up here or on the m’other blog.


    Comment by colin smith — December 15, 2010 @ 1:47 am

  4. Hello Alec:- I’ve amended the offending paragraph. “Enabler” has been replaced by “Dispatcher” and I’ve explained my point in what I hope is a clearer way, continuing the point from the previous paragraph as I always intended, namely that “Considered in isolation, none of these various characters can be considered as offensive in the slightest way, and many were examples of impressive work.” but that the spread of features needs to be considered so that women aren’t JUST secondary figures, no matter how admirable.

    I still stand by that point, Alec, so I accept we may have to disagree. But the point needed clarifiying. When Charles has a moment to replace the above, the offending paragraph will now read; “This week’s 2000 ad brings us little relief either. No female leads at all. An apparently helpless girl-woman about to be executed in “Slaine” before the anti-hero’s gaze. And in both “SinisterDexter” and “Dandridge”, women act as beautiful dispatchers while the men engage in the business of daring deeds and grand explosions. These women are bright and impressive and powerful, but it’s still the men who do the fighting and dominate the majority of the panel-time, while the women serve behind the lines. As said above, this doesn’t make these characters offensive in the slightest way, but what it does do is highlight the pressing need for 2000 ad to be carrying more female leads in its more recent pages.”

    I’m grateful for your points and I do regret not being clearer.


    Comment by colin smith — December 15, 2010 @ 2:11 am

  5. Really didn’t mean to sound like I was laying down the law, Colin.
    Told you I’d regret it. ;)

    Comment by Alec Worley — December 15, 2010 @ 7:15 am

  6. Hello Alec:- you didn’t. They were good points. I can’t improve my writing if I can’t take honest criticism. I shouldn’t hand it out if I can’t take it! (I’d add a smiley there if I knew how to!)

    My best to you.


    Comment by colin smith — December 15, 2010 @ 7:37 am

  7. A thought-provoking piece as always.

    To the list there was also Tomazine Scarlet and Martha Hopkins in Defoe, the latter being left in charge of the Dirty Dozenne when Defoe isn’t there (effectively making her his second-in-command, although possibly by default as the others are a shifty bunch of weirdoes), a series which also includes Aphra Behn (writer and spy) and La Voisin (the leading antagonist in the first three storylines). Dante also includes other women, like Katerina Dante’s female pirate crew, Jena Makarov (Dante’s chief love interest who can give as good as she gets and lead the Tsar’s armies), Lulu Romanov, Jocasta Romanov (the Romanov family matriarch and a complex character in her own right) and Elena Kurakin (Dante’s second-in-command a fierce warrior, who always seems Dante’s superior in combat) – in fact Dante is characterised by often shallow and flawed men with strong female characters (who are a broad range of individuals). The Red Seas also not only has the fiery Captain Sarita (who is at least the equal of Jack Dancer) and Mistress Meryl (a short, older female, although not on the shelve as she is the love interest for Swinging Billy). In Strontium Dog we had Precious Matson who was a reporter and the character who drive the action (and clearly had her act together more than Middenface or Feral). It is a pity you focused on the recent appearances of Tracy Weld as she was a tough cop who was one of the few members of a tactical gun shark to survive (hopefully we’ll see her break out a bit of ass kicking in the future) but also she has played a relatively minor role recently, it is another female character who is one of the most powerful in the story, Carrie Hosanna the Queen of Mangapore who is not only a crime lord in SE Asia but is starting to make her moves on Downlode (which look like being the build up to a massive show down and possibly the end of the series).

    I was surprised by the lack of love for Judge-Inspector Inaba in your top three. She not only stood up to all sorts of patriarchal figures trying to divert her investigation but she was also a strong role model for the young female cadet, ultimately saving her from the dark side. Which would make her a shoe-in for one of my top three spots, but that is purely subjective ;)

    Also over in the Meg we not only saw Inaba and Anderson but the year started with Yin Mie (the daughter of Deathfist and one of Tempest’s most dangerous foes) and the uber-icon Tank Girl. Also appearing in that year was Judge Beeny, one of the most interesting and complex of the Judge Dredd characters. And when Anderson and Inaba finished we got two more strong female characters, the lead (and one of the chief protagonists) in Insurrection and the main character in Samizdat Squad, who turns up at a Sov gulag and starts kicking people’s teeth down their throat before being recruited as part of a three man (one woman and two man) mission. So the Meg started strong and finished strong.

    “It’s a shame to find a year closing in such a fashion when in places it’s been producing such promising fare.”

    Well I think this is in the nature of anthologies – you might be able to make sure one series with a foppish occult detective in ends before another one starts (as we’ve just seen) but it is going to be awfully difficult juggling everything so there is an even distribution of female characters across the year when you are partly at the whim of writers handing in scripts.

    Overall I think they’ve done rather well this year, possibly to the point where a female character turning up who then proceeds to kick ass and take names seems a little cliched and you wonder if you could have a woman who is a bit more flawed as a lot of the male characters are (although then again it is possible more important to show them as flawed to avoid them falling into some… heroic male archetype). However, Al Ewing’s characters in Damnation Station tend to buck against any such stereotypes and where we have a large female cast, as we do in Nikolai Dante, we get a range of ages and characters.

    Comment by Emperor — December 17, 2010 @ 7:58 pm

  8. Hello Emperor:- I promise you I wasn’t trying to show a lack of respect to Inaba. The problem I had was that I simply couldn’t cover everything. Charles suggested I write around 900 words and I rather unfairly piled in with another 500. And even then I could only discuss matters with the broadest of strokes. Judge-Inspector Inaba was indeed a well-written and admirable character. It was simply the fact that I’d already over-run and the line needed to be drawn. A personal choice, if you like; there was space for three characters and three quick reviews and she didn’t make the cut. But that’s no insult meant to her or her creators. However, I did make sure to refer to her and her presence as being a part of that Autumn wave of female characters.

    I am grateful to you for signing up the many other representations of women in the book across the period. I would say that I’ve discussed them all at some length elsewhere on m’other two blogs, but then you know that!!! Of those you list, I wish we’d seen more of Dante’s mother most – she seemed a fascinating matriach – and Precious was my “runner-up” for woman of the year. It was a toss up between her and June, really, and I thought June was bravely done in that she wasn’t a paragon at all. But then, you’ll know how I admired that Strontium Dog tale . ..

    I do accept what you’re saying about anthologies inevitably having ups and downs where representations are concerned. But isn’t the job of editorial staff to manage those problems so that 2000 ad doesn’t end up with weeks upon weeks without any female leads beyond, as AW rightly points out above, a short story? It’s not about an equal distribution of female characters, but it is about making sure there’s not a drought of them. I suppose that my ideal world would show characters of a wide variety of groups being commissioned so that it’s hard to imagine a shortfall of say, strong and active female leads or people of colour in the magazine at any time.

    But my intention was not to suggest that 2000 ad hasn’t fought fiercely and on the right side in the gender wars. My point was that the Millenium seemed to be here and that Mr Smith himself sold the comic off of the back of his comic’s quite real achievements; yet after the feast, a fair degree of famine. And I think that’s a point worth making. I’m not sure that saying they’ve “done rather well this year” quite covers the matter. This is, after all, 2010. We’re way past the point of doing rather well. We should be there, if you will. It’s a fight that should be long won. I guess I’m baffled why there are any problems at all about those issues of race/ethnicity and sexuality and gender in 2000 ad.

    Comment by Colin Smith — December 18, 2010 @ 8:32 am

  9. “Of those you list, I wish we’d seen more of Dante’s mother most – she seemed a fascinating matriach”

    She has been one of the main characters in certain Dante stories, just not this on. It’d be well worth picking up the trades as it is a great story.

    “I do accept what you’re saying about anthologies inevitably having ups and downs where representations are concerned. But isn’t the job of editorial staff to manage those problems so that 2000 ad doesn’t end up with weeks upon weeks without any female leads beyond, as AW rightly points out above, a short story?”

    In an ideal world I’m sure that’d be the case, but I can’t imagine sitting on stories for months is a viable business given the comics current circulation. It may be possible to stagger production slightly but you are at the mercy of the creators and may have to do some fancy footwork to keep the train on the rails (and I am constantly impressed how the comic comes out on schedule each week without any major problems – I think the last one was Ten-Seconders which went through 3 artists in its run, which I’d imagine wasn’t the plan from the start).

    As we’ve discussed before I think the main problem is that Pat Mills’ work is a sausagefest (with the exceptions I noted above but even there they are only a sprinkling of characters in a pretty large cast) and he often has more than one story in the prog at a time, which can pretty much throw the balance out there. Granted ABC Warriors is about robots but the line-up has included both a female robot and a woman who thought she was a robot. Slaine has had strong female characters in it, Niamh for one, but recently it has been just him and Ukko wandering around and the only women are the damsels in distress (most recently Nest, who was a strong leading character in the series, and now is a victim that needs rescuing, even if she got to turn Slaine down at the end). Savage has… a waitress in his coffee shop (before that there was a barmaid) and a female relative or two but the series really is blokes going round being hard. Greysuit had a female character in it but the main characters were largely male. Before this was Finn which had a number of female characters in it but mainly in support roles, like a witch or two and a spunky black reporter. Flesh is about tough men wrangling dino meat. Given his general politics and the fact that he got his big boost in the comics world writing girls comics, telling stories about girls who wouldn’t conform to stereotypes (for which he is still fondly remembered by the female readership), I think he’d be a bit shocked if it was all laid out in front of him in such stark terms.

    Ian Edginton usually has male leads too and it is a pity that one of the few strong female characters he developed, Captain Sarita, has been sidelined in recent stories when she had so much potential. Tony Lee’s Stalag 666 was a WWII escape film set in space so was short on the ladies and in Necrophim the only main female character is a succubus which means she does a lot of bed-hopping and betrayal (although she is now queen of a section of Hell though).

    However, for all that you have other writers who are much more female-friendly. Robbie Morrison either has a strong female lead (Inaba and Demarco) or a diverse range of women characters (Dante) or a strong female supporting character (Shakara). Al Ewing is clearly doing great things with his stories offering well-rounded characters of all genders and Alec’s very first ongoing story had a female lead. Gordon Rennies line-ups often had a decent mix of sexes (Caballistics had a strong male/female pair of ass-kickers along with another mixed pair of more bookish types. The 86ers had a female lead), Alan Grant largely writes Anderson and was on Samantha Slade and Rob Williams has Low Life, which started off starring Aimee Nixon with support from Thora. Going back a bit further, a decade or so, we had Tyranny Rex (although her return seemed to run out of momentum), Pussyfoot 5 a team led by women (the only male being an obese technical expert who stayed at home base. Pity it rather ran into poor fan reaction as John had some interesting ideas on what to do next), Synnamon (which failed for me, and many others, because the character was too perfect – you’ve got to have a few flaws in any lead or there is little tension) and the excellent Rose O’Rion (recently returned in Zarjaz).

    So it is doing well, it is just sometimes the mix can throw up a female-free stretch – I suspect we are in for one at the start of the year with Dredd, Kingdom (although Gene has now been joined by a female character), Necrophim, The Edge’s Ampney Crucis (where the only female character was sent home in the first instalment) and Shakara (where we don’t seem to have either the lead character or the female supporting character, although I assume they will return sooner rather than later). With upcoming stories like Flesh (although I don’t think there will be many old characters in it, so the mix might be different) and Indigo Prime (which was two male leads and possibly a new, male, addition). There are new stories in the pipeline (Angel Zero and Brass Sun) but we don’t know much about them, fingers crossed there have a few female characters or the first part of 2011 might make Tharg’s brave boasts look a little hollow.

    Comment by Emperor — December 18, 2010 @ 1:19 pm

  10. Hello Emperor:- what I most enjoy about swapping ideas with you is that you really do disagree on some things and you compel, with a cunningly appropriate and accurate use of evidence which quite frankly is surely against the spirit of the net, me to reconsider my own opinions. And one of the great advantages of debating with you is that you are a fan in a way that I’m not. By that, I don’t mean to use the word “fan” in any negative fashion. I mean you’re highly knowledgeable about the thing you’re talking about. You know the broad sweep of what’s happened in 2000ad as well as the details too. What’s more, I know how committed you are to social justice and to testing your own opinions so that they’re not in any way misconstructed. And as a result, I often find myself in situations where I have to both accept your points and also recast my opinions.

    But the odd thing about what you’ve written above is that your argument and mine are attending to different matters. You’re saying that 2000 ad and its creators have a strong tradition of dealing with gender representations in an artful and positive fashion. I agree. And of course you know I do because of my posts on “That Reminds Me Of This”.

    But my stance on this is not that of a committed reader who knows the detail of the past. My position is that of a bloke who’s picked up a run of 2000 ads and found they don’t carry female leads. My argument begins and ends there. It’s the same with representations of race and ethnicity. You and I can talk about 2000ad’s fine tradition in that area, but where is it in the now? I don’t perceive serial fiction to exist as a huge great body of work stretching back in time, the detail of which informs its effect. I want comic books where the issue of race, gender and sexuality are face-front all the time. I want the 2000ad that’s on the stand to be serving the cause of the relatively powerless against the relatively powerful all of the time, rather than some of it. (I fully accept that there are major challenges there with the issues I mention, with sexuality being the most challenging of the lot, but no matter. That’s what I’m looking for.). The long history of a comic is irrelevant if it has relatively protracted periods on the stand when women are presented as sex objects – as has occurred this year in 2000ad and as we discussed on TRMOFT – or where they’re either significant background figures but not active leads.

    I guess my point is that there just shouldn’t be runs without female leads and a broader representations of social types. It shouldn’t be possible, regardless of scheduling and all the various complications, to end up in a situation where women aren’t THERE, because that’s what women are in society; THERE. Three years of teaching Media Studies in London in the late nineties/early 00′s has made me terribly conscious of this. Talking to classes containing, for example, large numbers of Anglo-Asian young women who very quickly grasp what a fantastic medium comics are when you discuss it with them, and who then ask “Where are we in these comics?”; well, what could I say? Not just that your culture never appears at all, but your gender is under-represented too. The matter of representing culture is a difficult one; I don’t know how it could be done and how it should be. It’s a topic for another day and for a great deal of thought on my part. But there ought to have been female role models and broader types there for them at the very least. Receiving a 2000 ad comic a few months ago in the post, opening it before my wife and having her laugh outloud at the woman on the front, presented with such great and improbable breasts that Gill felt compelled to ask “Why has that woman got a really large bottom on the front of her chest?” before turning away with her “silly boy’s comic” face is just … well, it’s just never should happen unless satire is being evoked, as in a recent Al Ewing Judge Dredd tale. All of this isn’t a problem which can be reasoned away by saying “But look at the good stuff!” The good stuff is there. I’ve praised it at length. But the bad stuff shouldn’t be there at all! It simply shouldn’t be possible. The representation of women as victims, semi-naked prostitutes and so on; the GOOD stuff doesn’t out-weigh the bad stuff, because the bad stuff can’t be made any less offensive by looking elsewhere. You wouldn’t argue, for example, that a few examples of racism on a TV channel aren’t so much of an issue because of positive representations of race elsewhere in their schedule. Because the racism is of itself utterly unacceptable. And of course, you’d always argue that yourself. What I’m debating here is not the fundamental decency of your opinion or what you want for the comic, but the idea that there is a weighing up process here which can leave 2000ad looking better or worse. The individual creators can be approached that way, as you’ve quite rightly written, but I do want to emphasis that the comic itself, its editorial staff and owners, can’t. The issues are too straight-forward and important. 2000 ad is either getting it right with just the few human lapses or something is very wrong, and there’s been far too many lapses this year. How many “lapses” are too many? When they’re really obvious ones, I’d say one or two at best. And even then, I’m wavering. We’re not talking about gentle lapses here, although, I hasten to say, most problems are passing and completely unintended ones. But the company itself needs to be even more pro-active in this field, to turn genuine and impressive achievement at times into lasting success. Lasting fairness.

    And what worries me is not your argument so much as the fact that it can be turned on its head. Not “we’re doing quite well”, but “we’re not quite well in places, but the issue is the ration of success to failure”, and from where I stand it isn’t. The issue is the failure. It may be 6 moments in a year, though I’d argue it’s been more, particularly where the absence of significant and heroic female characters is concerned. But 6 is 6 too many.

    It’s 2010. It’s almost 200 years since “Frankenstein”, since a woman, if we follow Aldiss on the matter, and for the sake of this debate I do, invented science fiction. Of all the areas where the importance of women should be at the front of the agenda all the time, it’s in this medium of Shelley’s. And the feminist debate was won and closed so long ago it’s embarrassing, and, of course, I hasten to say that I know you believe that wholeheartedly too. You’re a man whose words have never shown anything other than a great sensitivity towards and support for feminism. I’m disagreeing with how your argument might be here, and the attitude in some others I’ve read elsewhere who’ve used something of it in a far less humane way, and not with your principles. Yet what frustrates me is that I don’t think there is a debate for us to be throwing around. There should be at least a couple of strips with female leads in 2000ad always. That’s it, debate closed. To think, as others – and never you – have elsewhere, that this is political correctness is insane. Women don’t get included in comic books as a favour, or as a concession. It’s their exclusion that’s the issue, not the degree of it. There are no prizes for doing well where something this important is concerned. Women should be as positively and prominently represented as men all the time. Is the Megazine doing well? ABSOLUTELY!!! Has 2000 ad has periods of real achievement? YES!! Is that good enough? No. In 2010 there should never have been those poor representations. I could list 6 off the top of my head, several by writers I admire very much, which should have been killed stone dead by the authors themselves before their fingers ever hit the keys, let alone the editorial staff. This isn’t a matter of censorship, this is one of common humanity.

    So I do agree with you about all the positive things about the Rebellion products. I am a subscriber, after all, and I would not give my money to an organisation that I thought was anything other than decent hearted. But I don’t think “doing well” is anything near good enough. I’m investing my money in the belief that the good efforts this year will be more considerably successful in the next. If not, I won’t be continuing my subscription.

    As Alec said above, but with far greater reason, I know I will regret that. But I guess, and writing this has made me realise this, I want a 2000 ad that I can take into a Media Studies class in inner-London or rural Norfolk and all the folks who read it will see something of themselves and respect for them too there. And I want to unwrap 2000ad without ever fearing that the wife is going to point out that the cover is just plain embarrassing. The degree of these problems isn’t the issue to me, though I totally accept that we might not agree here. To me, the problem is the presence of the problems at all.

    I will indeed get my coat, but before I scuttle out, my best to you.


    Comment by colin smith — December 19, 2010 @ 5:19 am

  11. PS:- on the “let me clearer front”; when I wrote “As Alec said above, but with far greater reason, I know I will regret that.”, I meant Mr Worley had no reason to feel he’d regret anything, but I fear I will have!

    Comment by colin smith — December 19, 2010 @ 5:25 am

  12. I’ll reply later, but it is worth listening to Part 2 of the Pat Mills interview wherein he discusses girls comics, his past with them, the reaction to them (and women in comics) and how he’d love to launch another female-focused comic.

    Comment by Emperor — December 20, 2010 @ 9:28 am

  13. Hullo, just thought I’d stop by and say hi. The “beguiling if vengeful ghost” would be mine, as would Samizdat Squad which Emperor mentions. For the former, well, I have to admit I probably use that kind of plot a bit too much – I blame reading too much Rogue Trooper as a kid (that guy never meta woman who didn’t try to kill him) – though to be fair, I have occasionally swapped the genders around and had it be a mysterious guy leading a female character to HORRIBLE INEVITABLE DOOM.

    For the later, well, I think you’re really going to like Anna Tereshkova, who is a great character to write. Of course, that’s IF she survives – in Samizdat Squad NOTHING IS ASSURED.

    Comment by Arthur Wyatt — December 21, 2010 @ 1:40 pm

  14. “Caballistics had a strong male/female pair of ass-kickers along with another mixed pair of more bookish types. The 86ers had a female lead.”

    It was great fun writing 86ers for a little bit (I wrote the final story after Gordon Rennie was called away by other commitments). I don’t know if it was by accident or design on Rennie’s part, but to me it seemed that the 3 big leads in it were all female, with my favourite being grumpy hardass Commander Harrigan.

    Comment by Arthur Wyatt — December 21, 2010 @ 1:43 pm

  15. Hello Arthur:- on the topic of the “beguiling if vengeful ghost”, I have to say that I really enjoyed that Terror Tale. In fact, off of the top of my head at half past four in the morning with the plumbing frozen in the bathroom (!), I can’t think of a better short one-off feature in 2000 ad this year. I really can’t. And the problem with writing about the range of stories where gender is concerned is that no matter how I try to focus on the comics as a whole, individual creators will be seen to be getting the blame for a general problem, if “general problem” can be held to exist. (I know you weren’t saying that! I’m worried about it.) It would have been interesting to see the gender roles reversed in your story, but then, I can’t help but feel that even in the most petty, gender-correct re-reading, it was better your POV character was the male he was, otherwise the story could’ve been read as being about a woman not looking after a child, not being brave enough to perform a woman’s traditional responsibilities. For what little it’s worth, I think the gender casting was absolutely appropriate. And anyway, four page stories that taut can’t be expected to carry the cause of the gender wars by doing anything other than avoiding unpleasantness, and the work of yourself and Mr Reid certainly did that. Where would it stop? Change your “ghost” to a male and then there’s no women in the strip at all? No.

    I’m looking forward to Samizdat Squad. Certain sub copies haven’t arrived this month, with the weather, and I’m hoping to get replacements in for Christmas Day, when a pile of comics and a sleepy afternoon before the fire with the family sounds to me like a fine way to spend a Staurday as the evening closes in …

    Comment by colin smith — December 21, 2010 @ 10:00 pm

  16. Oh, I wouldn’t mess with that particular story at all. Still, I have noticed that I’ve got a bit of a trend there that maybe I should knock on the head. Like you say, nothing is ever down to one particular story, and TBH I tend to just write them as they come to me without particular agenda or caring about any kind of quota or anything, but these things still bear thinking about.

    Comment by Arthur Wyatt — December 22, 2010 @ 5:32 pm

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