Female-Friendly Comic Book Store Map Now Open

The idea has long been dormant, but Girl-Wonder.org has finally officially launched the Female-Friendly Comic Book Store Map. The map judges stores based on four different criteria: treatment of feminist/female customers by staff, title variety, openness of staff to suggestions from feminist/female customers, and material on display.

Interested in submitting a store to the map? Please fill out the form below the map. In the event that the form doesn’t work for you, please email Elena Kamenetzky at elena.kamenetzky@girl-wonder.org.

Girl-Wonder.org Now Accepting Donations for the Second Annual Art Et Cetera Auction!

Following the success of last year’s auction thanks to the amazing generosity of the comics community, Girl-Wonder.org is happy to announce the second Art Et Cetera auction. The web-based auction will be held from October 6-12 and donations are now being accepted.

Art Et Cetera accepts everything, from comics-inspired jewelry to one-of-a-kind dolls to artist commissions to original superhero artwork. Due to legal issues, submitting fanart of licensed characters or character emblems is strongly discouraged. However, all pieces submitted will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Art Et Cetera is the major fundraising event for Girl-Wonder.org. All proceeds will will be used to cover organizational costs like website fees and expenses for the ongoing incorporation process, as well as merchandise development and promotional giveaway items. Girl-Wonder.org is currently registering for non-profit status. All staffers and board members are unpaid volunteers.

For more information, please contact Hannah Dame at hannah.dame@girl-wonder.org or Karen Healey at karen.healey@girl-wonder.org.

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Girl-Wonder.org Founds Convention Anti-Harassment Project

Following recent reports of physical and verbal harassment of convention attendees, Girl-Wonder.org has founded the Con Anti-Harassment Project.

The project is a grass-roots campaign designed to help make conventions safer for all attendees. Our aims are to encourage fandom, geek community and other non-business conventions to establish, articulate and act upon anti-harassment policies, especially sexual harassment policies, and to encourage mutual respect among convention attendees, guests and staff.

Aimed at both activism and support, the project offers a database of conventions, both national and global, harassment policy creation tipsfor convention organizers, and a moderated safe-space forum for people to talk about their experiences of or witnessing of harassment.

Template letters are also provided for those looking to find out more about a convention’s established harassment policies or request the convention include a clear anti-sexual harassment policy, or praise a con for including one.

All Girl-Wonder.org convention tables are designated as safe spaces. Staff will be happy to provide support and answer any questions a convention attendee may have.

News and Upcoming Events

– Nena Di, writer/artist of the webcomic Heard, and Andrea Bell of Girl-Wonder.org’s Mistress will be on hand at our Dragon*Con table off and on throughout the con, doing sketches, shaking hands, and generally being awesome, so set aside some time in your busy schedule to stop by our table!  And we’re still looking for volunteers to help man the G-W.org table. Contact Hannah Dame at hannahdame AT girl-wonder DOT org if you’ll be at the con and are interested in doing an hour to two.

– If you’re living in the Kent, Ohio area, be sure to check out Zombie Apparel’s Superpowered!
The Fashions of Comic Book’s Most Valiant & Villainous
 fashion show on Saturday, September 27th. Free and open to the public, a portion of all fashion sales for the evening will benefit Girl-Wonder.org. And if you live in the Ohio area, spread the news about the show with one of Zombie Apparel’s two fliers!

– Have a comics-related event coming up that you’d like more folks to know about, or wondering where you can find out more about G-W.org related events? Check out our new Upcoming Events page, and if you have an event you’d like added, e-mail Hannah Dame at hannahdame AT girl-wonder DOT org.

– And we now have a Fan page for Facebook, so use your social networking connections to add Girl-Wonder.org on Facebook or friend us on Myspace!

New Newsletter: Call For Submissions!

Call for Submissions
Deadline for Submissions: Friday, July 15, 2008, midnight, UTC.

Who are you: A nitpicky comic book Braniac who rejoices over dissecting the latest continuity crises in maddening detail? Or a slam-bang Wonder Woman warrior who can’t wait for Wednesdays to catch up on the latest fantasy grudge match? Who says you can’t be both?

Girl-Wonder.org is calling for submissions to our brand-new online newsletter, which will mix focused discussions of feminism (and other forms of -isms) in the comics genre with a fun-loving celebration of comic geekdom. This newsletter will be our ongoing love letter to comics – sharing all the serious and not so serious aspects of comics that keep us coming back for more.

On the serious side: Submit your short letters and opinions, no more than 1500 words in length, focusing on current events or academic ideas related to identity politics and comic books. Topics can include, but are not limited to the intersections of race, gender, body image, sexuality, religion, ableism, and class with your favorite comic book characters and titles.

On the fun side: Submit comics-related fanart with a feminist twist or a short fanfiction (no more than 1500 words in length). Selected works will appear in the newsletter’s regular fan-inspired creations section.

Also, submit your entry for this issue’s caption contest. Write a unique, witty, and/or ridiculous caption for this panel.


Winner (as chosen on the Girl-Wonder.org forum boards) receives a fabulous gift basket full of hot-off-the-presses Girl-Wonder.org merchandise!

Submit all entries (including submissions for the caption contest) to jenn@reappropriate.com!


In addition to our caption contest, to celebrate our first issue of the newsletter, we are running a contest to name the newsletter. Submit your entries to me at jenn@reappropriate.com — the top entries will be voted on in the forums and the winner will be unveiled with our first issues.

All submissions to the newsletter naming contest are due July 15th, midnight, UTC.

The person who submits the winning newsletter name will receive a fabulous gift basket of goodies!

Girl-Wonder.org at Dragon*Con!

Four Color Heroines and Girl-Wonder.org will have a table at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, and we’re looking for awesome table workers, guests who would be interested in signing time, or folks who just want to come by and argue about who would win in a cage match: Batman, Superman, or Wolverine.

If you’ll be attending Dragon*Con and would be willing to work some shifts at the Girl-Wonder.org table, please PM Hannah Dame on the forums or e-mail her at hannahdame@girl-wonder.org.

Celebrate Free Comic Book Day with Girl-Wonder.org!

Free Comic Book Day – Saturday, May 3, the day on which local comic shops across Canada and the United States give out free comic books to all visitors – is fast approaching. There’s no better day for someone to try comics, or a new genre of comics, for the first time, and no day more likely to fill comic book lovers with a renewed love of the medium. Therefore, there’s no better day to share the love of Girl Wonder!

The Plan

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to celebrate Free Comic Book Day by going to your local comic book store and spread the joyous word. Or post about Free Comic Book Day, your favorite female-positive comics for people to look for when they go, and possibly Girl-Wonder.org.

Post or distribute one of our flyers at your local store, or wear our brand new “Ask Me About Girl Wonder” graphics on your shirt, bag or sticker – or even tape it to your back! Maybe the next little girl who comes into the store will feel a little more welcome.

Invite the comic book curious women in your life out to a store for Free Comic Books Day – after all, they’re free, what better way to try them?

We’re Girl Wonder. You, me, every one of us. Let’s take it to the streets this Free Comic Book Day and spread the love!

The Nitty Gritty Details

We have a selection of flyers suitable for posting on walls or bulletin boards and a brand new “Ask Me About Girl Wonder” in sizes suitable for printing, wearing or using as an online banner.

Please get the permission of the store workers first, before posting a flyer inside a comic store! We want them to like us, not curse our name as they get out the paint-scraper. Of course… if they don’t let you, there’s always handy outdoor posting places, like a nearby telephone pole.

Then, come back and tell us all about your experiences! Did you have a really great discussion or two? Discover a cool new comic? Get horribly lost and just go out for fast food instead? If you want to share, the rest of us will be all ears! You can write about it in our forum topic, or save a thousand words and post your pictures through our Flickr group.

If you’re celebrating Free Comic Book Day with us online, consider linking this post to your banner, and linking fellow Girl Wonder readers to your post at our forum topic.

The Links

Keep up with Girl Wonder Blog posts about Free Comic Book Day :

You can discuss the upcoming festivities at our forum topic here. A roll call of possible participants would be great!

If you don’t have a Flickr account, they’re free. Set one up, click the Girl-Wonder Free Comic Book Day flickr group link, hit the join button, then upload your pictures.

Girl-Wonder.org Announces New Treasurer

Due to time constraints and issues of compatibility, Rachel Edidin has stepped down from her position as treasurer, and the board is happy to announce that Leslie Caribou has been elected to replace her. Leslie’s previous management experience will help greatly in preparing Girl-Wonder.org for incorporation.

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On Stephanie Brown’s return

Project Girl-Wonder curator, Mary Borsellino, responded to the return of Stephanie Brown:

If DC Comics is, in fact, choosing to resurrect Stephanie Brown, this shows that they — like lots of other people — see the valuable story potential that strong, interesting female characters offer. And maybe, just maybe, we’re approaching an era when Stephanie will be a symbol of what superhero comics get right with female heroes, rather than an example of how they get it wrong.

Join the team: Volunteer wanted

Job Title: Volunteer Coordinator

Job Description: Match volunteers to available positions, taking into account volunteer’s skills and availability, as well as job requirements and demands. Pro-actively seek out new volunteers, and
maintain contact with existing volunteers.

Reports To: Secretary

Skills Required: 
The ideal candidate is outgoing, personable, and enjoys working with people. Preference will be given to people who are organized, and who demonstrate inter-personal skills and
problem-solving ability.

Estimated Time Commitment/Length of Commitment: 1-3 hours per week.
We are asking for a minimum one year commitment.

Application Process: 
Please email submissions@girl-wonder.org

Please include the following information:

  • Your name or pseud
  • Your email address
  • Relevant experience and credentials

Deadline for Application: March 30

All applicants will receive an email confirming their application has been received within 24 hours of close of deadline for this job. If you do not receive an email, please contact us.

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