Girl Wonder Adds Support to Bra Blitz

Girl-Wonder, founded on the idea of activism and collective action, is officially joining and supporting P.O.W.E.R. In Comics’s Bra Blitz.
Lisa Neptune, founder of P.O.W.E.R., is looking into ordering overstocked/slightly damaged bras from Enell for use in mailing campaigns to major comic publishers. For those unfamiliar with the network, P.O.W.E.R. in Comics is a social network devoted to the promotion of women and minorities in comic creation, comic store/ publishing house ownership, and simple comic enjoyment.
At the moment, she would like to get a head count of members interested, and how many bras they would like. Once she has that, we can get a price estimate out. Also, begin collecting the names and addresses of those you feel should receive a letter and bra. Those will be discussed and posted at a later date. If you’re interested, please leave a comment at the forum topic.

A Very Special Team-up

Spider-man tells it like it is and gives the facts about Planned Parenthood and pregnancy.
Uhh, wow. Spider-man does a better job at giving helpful information to kids about sex than most sex educators in the U.S. do today.
Kids, we’ve got to figure out how to get Spider-man in the classroom again.