A Case for Stephanie Brown: A Good Soldier
Project Girl Wonder

As of April, 8, 2008, the Project Girl Wonder Campaign is no longer being actively pursued by Girl-Wonder.org. This site now serves instead as an archive of Mary Borsellino's remarkable work. The Girl-Wonder.org board would like to thank all those who participated in the initial campaign, and encourages anyone who feels moved to contact DC Comics regarding the return of Spoiler.

A generation of Batman readers grew up with Stephanie Brown, who was a superhero character in the comics for more than a decade. She was a role model and hero for many. Then she was tortured to death in a sequence spanning a number of issues. She was treated as a sexual object, and her murder degraded her and degraded superhero comics in general. She has never gotten the credit she deserves from DC Comics since, on page or off.

Batman and other superhero stories are the modern age's fables, and if we don't stop the spread of this rot now they will be irrevocably corrupted by it.

Stephanie Brown is a symbol of the need for change. And we're going to see that the change begins.