August 14, 2011

Getcher Hot Links Here!

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Women in Comics:
-Coelasquid’s delightful take on the David Finch Justice League cover is rendered even more delightful as the fevered minds at 4chan get in on the action.
-Get ready for the second annual Women Read Comics in Public Day!
-Anne Hathaway’s favorite Catwoman comic is delightfully whackadoodle.
-Analyzing the art of Sara Pichelli, who’s penciling the new Ultimate Spidey.
-In honor of the end of Bryan Q. Miller’s excellent Batgirl series, a few of my favorite Steph pieces by Dustin Nguyen.

Women in Other Media:
-Melissa Harris-Perry argues that The Help sanitizes the history of African-American women in the Civil Rights-era South.
-And Martha Southgate points out that the true heroes of the Civil Rights movement were, you know, black people.
-But what happens to the future of films featuring black women if we don’t all go see it?

Women in Real Life:
-Ladies! Are your headphones too mannish? Try these lady headphones for your delicate lady ears! (Men, be warned: putting these on may cause you to burst into flames.)
-Real life badass Keiko Fukuda is the first woman to earn a 10th degree blackbelt.
-Cecilia Payne is yet another example of women not getting credit for their contributions to science.

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