From The Guys Who Brought You Heroes For Hentai: Those Silly Girls Reading Semen Into Everything.

This just in from Funnybook Babylon, via Rich Johnston: apropos of nothing, Newsarama “journalist” asks Marvel writer if a new female British Muslim character intends to engage in holy war.

Because you know what’s hilarious and not at all racist? Implying that all British Muslims are terrorists! No social consequences whatsoever could possibly follow from the use of mendacious stereotyping!

Newsarama apparently had the nous to realise that such a ridiculously awful question ought never have been asked nor published, and tried to retcon the whole mess by pulling it from the site. Sadly for them, this is the internet. Once your racist, sexist, religiously intolerant shit is out there, it’s out there forever.

This bizarre episode did have the salutary effect of bringing Faiza to my attention. A fast-talking British superhero fangirl teen whose Muslim faith is an everyday part of her life? Captain Britain and MI:13: I’m buying it.

Edit 13/5/08 : Newsarama (and WFA) blogger Lisa Fortuner/Ragnell conducts an interview with Matt Brady over the offending article. It’s a little spin-riffic in places, but it includes a) a full apology to those offended and b) Brady taking personal responsibility both for the initial gaffe and for its ham-handed removal.

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