Chapter Break

I’m writing this post to announce my resignation from the board of, and to reassure my readers (That’s you! All six of you!) that said resignation does not signify drama, angst, or imminent meltdowns and is, in fact, a Very Good Thing for all parties concerned.
This isn’t a break-upI am still snuggly with both Girl-Wonder as an organization and its board members as individuals and a group. Neither I nor Inside Out will be going anywhere, and I will still be serving as a community moderator on the forums, so don’t get any ideas.
The reasons for my departure are nominally ‘personal,’ in that they have nothing to do with Girl-Wonder, and everything with the fact that I had hopelessly overextended myself and needed to either find things that I could stop doing without fear of them crashing and burning, or resign myself to life with no time for creative projects, interpersonal relationships, or sleepand I’d pretty well fulfilled my quota for the latter situation in college.
That I’ve been able to detach myself from my board responsibilities this painlessly says a good deal about the grace and competence of the remaining board members, and I am looking forward to watching from the sidelines as Girl-Wonder continues to flourish under their care.
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