Return of the Revenge of the Bride of Gwog

Gwog rises once more from the deep! With our new Board in place, we are returning Gwog to its old status of a weekly roundup of Links Of Interest, with ad hoc guest posts by the mysterious Directors. If you have any links you want us to publicise, or anything else you’d like to contribute to Gwog, send it to us: Our operators are waiting for your call.
This week’s links, first the comics-related:

  • Colin Smith’s detailed and engaging essay on FLASHPOINT #1.
  • More FLASHPOINT fail: DC should really consider how this shit looks.
  • Laura Hudson, Blair Butler, Heidi MacDonald and Jill Pantozzi form a roundtable on the ‘Geek Girl Phenomenon’.
    And the non-comics:
  • A pair of insightful posts by ginmar on rape culture and the myth of false rape accusations.
  • The reprehensible decision by the equally reprehensible New York Post to publicise an alleged rape victim’s alleged HIV+ status.
  • An Open Letter to Nice Guys of the World.