What’s this all about?
Dimestore Dames is a celebration of the many, many female characters in comics, who are all too often pushed aside in favor of male heroes and villains. Female characters in superhero comics run the gamut from hero to civilian to villain, from goddess to nonentity, and every one of them is someone’s favorite. Every post here is a profile of one of these great characters, explaining from a very subjective point of view just why she’s so great. It’s a love-in for our favorite four-color gals, and a place to point whenever someone tells you that there just aren’t awesome ladies in comics.
You wrote about my favorite character and why she’s awesome, but you didn’t point out [another thing that makes her awesome]. What gives?
Tell us about it! Like we said, this is a love-in. If there’s a reason you love a certain character, and we didn’t mention it, feel free to point it out in the comments! The more we can celebrate these characters, the better.
I hate this character that you wrote about.
That’s fine. Again, this is a very subjective blog. When we say, ‘this is why Character X is awesome,’ what we mean is, ‘this is why Character X is awesome to me.’
That said, negative comments about the characters will not be tolerated. This is a celebration of female characters. You are absolutely welcome to dislike any of the characters we talk about, but you are not welcome to rant about them here. Just move on to the next post.
Why haven’t you written about Character X yet?
Give us time! We’ve got a lot of characters to get through. That said, feel free to let us know what characters you’re looking forward to seeing.
How do you define ‘female?’ What about trans/intersex/genderqueer characters, or characters without a biological sex, such as robots?
As a rule of thumb, characters who identify as female are eligible for coverage on this blog (so MTF characters are a go, as are lady robots). Intersex and genderqueer characters will be handled on a case by case basis. If you have a question about a specific character’s eligibility, feel free to ask!
I have another question you didn’t answer here.