Show Respect.

Ideas.doc is getting unwieldy again, so it’s time for another round of shortish, quickfire posts before I take off to attend my best friend’s wedding.
I blew my reading budget this week on the latest Terry Pratchett novel, Making Money, so my comics acquisitions were necessarily somewhat curtailed. In fact, I was planning to pick up only Blue Beetle*, but New X-Men #42 caught my eye. I’ve been meaning to try New X-Men again for a while, because what I’ve seen of Skottie Young’s art made me go ooooh in high-pitched tones, but this was the one that broke me.
First, it had this cover, which is not only kitchsy, beautifully composed and full of personality, but also refers to not one, but two events taking place within the actual comic. I didn’t know that was allowed! Moreover! It also portrays the series’ underlying themes the focus is on mutant kids frequently in physical peril, whether from outside forces or their classmates; the adults are ineffectual after-the-fact caregivers.
Secondly, those of you who have followed the column for a while might recall that I took issue with Sooraya Qadir’s presentation in a butt-hugging so-called ‘burqa’.
Now the butt-hugging is gone! And for superplusgood metacommentary, there was this:
Show respect for your Muslim Afghani girl character by researching and accurately portraying her culturally-charged choice of garments? Why, yes!
Well played, Christopher Yost. I’ll be back for this title next month.