Sapphires Are A Collector’s Best Friend

To continue Dolls and So Forth week at GRC, I ask you to inspect the following selection of DC Direct action figures, Series 3 of the Green Lantern sets:

Sing along, folks!
One of these figures is not like the others
At one of these figures I look askance
One of these figures is a female villain
One of these figures is anti-pants o/~
I have previously remarked on Star Sapphire’s Nakedest Costume Ever and how inappropriate it is in view of her history as the metaphorical representative of a female-only alien race deeply concerned with injustices against women and who occasionally enter outright misandrism. Yes, she hates men so much that she dresses like the stereotypical Western pop culture representation of the most debased feminine object of masculine sexual desire and colour-codes herself as immature/babyish/feminine/soft*! Wow, what a bitch.
Anyway, it’s always icky when female characters are constructed to pander to the male gaze, and particularly so when they also represent an entire race of pseudo-feminist women, but tonight I’d like to draw your attention to the main source of my BOO. The above, as mentioned, is Series 3.
Here is Series 1 (Ganthet & Guardian, Black Hand, Kilowog, Hal Jordan, Parallax: better views of each figure here.):

And here is Series 2 (Manhunter Robot, Guy Gardner, Sinestro, Salaak, Shark):

I find it curious that all the other action figures are male, of varying body types and species (though no John Stewart, BAH), all bar one of them fully-clothed. The sole female figure is conventionally Western-style sexy and wearing a showgirl outfit.
How representative.
BOO, DC Direct, BOO!