Conversation Starters

In honor of the return of When Fangirls Attack, I am making a devious post of links that wouldn’t be linked directly, but can inspire posts that will be. So read! Get angry! Blog! Troll!
Pictures of Real Women to use when drawing? They’re not hyper-thin, but at least the sample pictures are definitely stingy on the plus-side. Of course, so are traditional comic book women. Which is kind of the point…
Rob Zombie’s Werewolf Women Of The S.S. Comic Book Cover!
Umm. I don’t really know what to say about it. But SOMEBODY has to. So, here it is. Go for it.
San Diego Comic-Con 2008 – A woman’s perspective . | CollectionDX
Posted for the novelty value. This is a woman who didn’t seem to have any problems with oversexed idiots at SDCC.
Portrayal of women in comics – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This and the link of women comics creators should probably be a perma-link on most of our personal blogs.
The Hackenblog » Middle-aged women in comics shops rock
Just because I hadn’t seen this last year. Yes, they do.
Bored now! See you later!

Who’s up for Free Comic Book Day?

As far as I’m concerned, Free Comic Book Day should be printed on every calendar in America. It’s one of my favorite holidays, and why not? A day celebrating comics, when the comic book stores give you free comics! What’s not to like?
And, after all, what are we at Girl Wonder but comic book lovers at heart? This is a holiday for us, too, why shouldn’t we claim it as our own? Why not take this day to celebrate all the things we love about comics, and all the things we hope they can become.
Free Comic Book Day is a great time to give the curious a taste of comics. And hey, while the comic shops are recruiting new readers, why not recruit new G-Wers?
So I don’t know about you, but I’m going to wear ‘Ask Me About Girl Wonder’ proudly, and hope someone asks. I’m going to post Girl Wonder flyers proudly. I’m going to blog about my favorite woman-friendly comics and let people know Free Comic Book Day is coming. And also, I’m going enjoy all those free comics!
If this sounds interesting to you, here’s a link to the Celebrate Free Comic Book Day with Girl Wonder forum.

They’re Just Breasts

In the state of New York, it is legal for women to go topless. Photographer Jordan Matter took pictures of women in NYC doing just that – as if it was an unremarkable, everyday occurrence for women going about their days – and the results are here.

The exhibition is thought-provoking, frequently beautiful and sometimes saddening, and should be compulsory viewing for anyone who’s ever drawn Power Girl without a bra.

He Also Says Nice Things About New Zealand!

You may have read Perry Moore’s Hero, a YA novel about a young gay superhero. If so (and very probably if not) you might be interested in this audio interview!

Talking to Tommy Roddy of Prism Comics (the writer of excellent superhero comic Pride High) Moore discusses the inspiration behind the book, his experience in the publishing industry, the controversy sometimes occasioned by gay heroes and teases at the sequel.

Queer Comics Controversy Bingo!

Disclaimer This bingo card is not meant to replace or, indeed be used in, actual debate. Instead it is merely designed to amuse and inform, in a lighthearted presentation of the most common arguments against having queer characters in comics.


ETA: Feel free to use, link, or distribute this image in any way you see fit.

Art Auction Preview: Shaenon at Stumptown

This past weekend, made its convention debut at Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, Oregon. Imagine our joyful surprise when guest-of-honor Shaenon Garrity ran up to our table, introducted herself, and asked if it was to late to donate a piece to the art auction (the official answer is ‘yes,’ but we’ll make exceptions if you’re Shaenon Garrity)!
What Shaenon gave us was the original art from a strip of her long-running web-and-print sensation, Narbonic:

The starting bid for this piece will be U.S. $25. BID HERE!
You’ll be able to bid on this and other items in the Girl-Wonder Art Et Cetera auction, from October 7-14, 2007.

Stumptown Mid-Con Update

Today is the second day of Stumptown Comics Fest, Portland’s awesome hometown convention and the site of Girl-Wonder’s first-ever booth, and for the first time this weekend, I have the chance to post an update (Livia and Noah are still hard at work at the con).
Stumptown rocks. It’s full of independent comics and creators, and it’s small and friendly enough to avoid the impersonal chaos of bigger cons. If you don’t know everyone going in, you will by the end of the weekend. It draws not only the best and the brightest of Portland’s (numerous) local talents, as well as folks from all up and down the west coast. With a $5/day entrance fee, it’s also accessible to fans who might not be willing or able to shell out the heftier admission prices at larger cons.
And apparently, Stumptown Comics Fest–and it’s exhibitors, volunteers, guests, and attendees–loves Girl-Wonder. We showed up and were greeted by a volunteer who first gushed about how much he dug our site, then solemnly asked if it was okay that we’d been bumped up from a half-table to a full table. We spent Saturday talking with fans and creators, and being generally overwhelmed by their tremendously positive responses. Many had heard of the site; some had sought us out to tell us how much they enjoyed the columns, or the comics, or the forums. Those who hadn’t seemed genuinely interested in checking us out. Partway through the day, we ran back to Kinkos to replenish our rapidly disappearing stickers and fliers. Phil Foglio came to say ‘hi’ and doodle in our sketchbook. Guest of honor Shaenon Garrity stopped by to ask if we were still taking donations for the auction (we’re not, but we made an exception, ’cause c’mon!). Amy Mebberson hung out at our table for a few hours (she’s awesome, by the way!) and drew the cutest superheroes we’d ever seen.
Stay tuned for more updates…