New Newsletter: Call For Submissions!

Call for Submissions
Deadline for Submissions: Friday, July 15, 2008, midnight, UTC.

Who are you: A nitpicky comic book Braniac who rejoices over dissecting the latest continuity crises in maddening detail? Or a slam-bang Wonder Woman warrior who can’t wait for Wednesdays to catch up on the latest fantasy grudge match? Who says you can’t be both? is calling for submissions to our brand-new online newsletter, which will mix focused discussions of feminism (and other forms of -isms) in the comics genre with a fun-loving celebration of comic geekdom. This newsletter will be our ongoing love letter to comics – sharing all the serious and not so serious aspects of comics that keep us coming back for more.

On the serious side: Submit your short letters and opinions, no more than 1500 words in length, focusing on current events or academic ideas related to identity politics and comic books. Topics can include, but are not limited to the intersections of race, gender, body image, sexuality, religion, ableism, and class with your favorite comic book characters and titles.

On the fun side: Submit comics-related fanart with a feminist twist or a short fanfiction (no more than 1500 words in length). Selected works will appear in the newsletter’s regular fan-inspired creations section.

Also, submit your entry for this issue’s caption contest. Write a unique, witty, and/or ridiculous caption for this panel.


Winner (as chosen on the forum boards) receives a fabulous gift basket full of hot-off-the-presses merchandise!

Submit all entries (including submissions for the caption contest) to!


In addition to our caption contest, to celebrate our first issue of the newsletter, we are running a contest to name the newsletter. Submit your entries to me at — the top entries will be voted on in the forums and the winner will be unveiled with our first issues.

All submissions to the newsletter naming contest are due July 15th, midnight, UTC.

The person who submits the winning newsletter name will receive a fabulous gift basket of goodies!