Celebrate Free Comic Book Day with Girl-Wonder.org!

Free Comic Book Day – Saturday, May 3, the day on which local comic shops across Canada and the United States give out free comic books to all visitors – is fast approaching. There’s no better day for someone to try comics, or a new genre of comics, for the first time, and no day more likely to fill comic book lovers with a renewed love of the medium. Therefore, there’s no better day to share the love of Girl Wonder!

The Plan

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to celebrate Free Comic Book Day by going to your local comic book store and spread the joyous word. Or post about Free Comic Book Day, your favorite female-positive comics for people to look for when they go, and possibly Girl-Wonder.org.

Post or distribute one of our flyers at your local store, or wear our brand new “Ask Me About Girl Wonder” graphics on your shirt, bag or sticker – or even tape it to your back! Maybe the next little girl who comes into the store will feel a little more welcome.

Invite the comic book curious women in your life out to a store for Free Comic Books Day – after all, they’re free, what better way to try them?

We’re Girl Wonder. You, me, every one of us. Let’s take it to the streets this Free Comic Book Day and spread the love!

The Nitty Gritty Details

We have a selection of flyers suitable for posting on walls or bulletin boards and a brand new “Ask Me About Girl Wonder” in sizes suitable for printing, wearing or using as an online banner.

Please get the permission of the store workers first, before posting a flyer inside a comic store! We want them to like us, not curse our name as they get out the paint-scraper. Of course… if they don’t let you, there’s always handy outdoor posting places, like a nearby telephone pole.

Then, come back and tell us all about your experiences! Did you have a really great discussion or two? Discover a cool new comic? Get horribly lost and just go out for fast food instead? If you want to share, the rest of us will be all ears! You can write about it in our forum topic, or save a thousand words and post your pictures through our Flickr group.

If you’re celebrating Free Comic Book Day with us online, consider linking this post to your banner, and linking fellow Girl Wonder readers to your post at our forum topic.

The Links

Keep up with Girl Wonder Blog posts about Free Comic Book Day :

You can discuss the upcoming festivities at our forum topic here. A roll call of possible participants would be great!

If you don’t have a Flickr account, they’re free. Set one up, click the Girl-Wonder Free Comic Book Day flickr group link, hit the join button, then upload your pictures.