MonWedFri is a blog about webcomics, containing recommendations and analysis of the field. It’s written by me, Alexander Patterson, and I also post occasionally on the Girl Wonder boards under the name of Nines. I have tried my hand at writing but not drawing webcomics, and if people ask nicely I’ll tell you where to find them, but I won’t link to them because this isn’t an advert- hopefully, it’s a place for discussions about this medium we love.

This blog is a feminist space, and I want to try and make it a safe space as well. If your comment is sexist, racist, ableist, homophobic, anti-trans or really any kind of attack on who someone is and not what they did, it is not welcome here and I’ll boot it. I don’t have a high tolerance level for bullies.

Keeping that in mind, I’d love to see your comments- just bear in mind I’m on UK time, so sometimes it’ll feel like I take forever to respond to a thread or comment! Have fun!

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