Depression and Webcomics

No real post this week either, I’m afraid. I’ve been having a hard couple of weeks, struggling with a recent bout of depression, and it’s left me with very little pep.

While I’m here, though, I’d like to point out a comic that deals with depression in a very real and impressive way: Achewood. While it’s not a feminist comic (and fails the Bechdel test fairly spectacularly) it does deal with this one issue very well. Roast Beef, one of the characters, suffers from extremely bad depression, and several strips including the most recent one deal with how it impacts his life. These strips, much like depression itself, do not come with a punchline. There’s often no joke in them other than the inherent difficulties Roast Beef finds navigating life while depressed, and it’s presented in a way to make us empathise with him and his struggles. I’ll have more for you next week, I absolutely promise, but for now go check it out.

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