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Welcome to the online Media Kit for This resource is designed to aid those interested in writing about the site for publications such as college newspapers, and also to provide background information and contact details to those wishing to know more about the project.

Background was created by comic book fans in response to a rising level of frustration at the treatment of female characters, creators and fans inside and outside the comics industry.

Website founder Mary Borsellino assembled a team of contributors who shared a common belief that comics could do better. Together, they created is a collection of sites established by a diverse talent pool of commentators and fans, all of whom are dedicated to the goals of fostering an attentive, empowered audience community and encouraging respect and high-quality character depiction within the industry.

Super. Girl. is a website detailing the history and cultural impact of the Maid of Might. is proud to host webcomics which we feel contribute to the advancement of women in comics.

  • Planet Karen is the diary-style comic of British goth-girl Karen Ellis.
  • The Tower, a wordless comic by Saki Miyamoto and Brendon Bennets, puts a spin on the traditional rescued princess fairytale.
  • Andrea Bell’s Mistress, described by the author as “Jane Austen meets Die Hard.“
  • Astonishing Tales of Girl Suspense, by Laura Ellyn and A Piffer, is described simply as “a bunch of dysfunctional people having adventures and arguing and punching monsters.” also hosts many opinion columns, several academic papers, a general links blog (GWOG) and the active feminist-friendly forums.

Project Girl Wonder, a letter campaign protesting the depiction of Robin Stephanie Brown’s death, was’s first major activist effort. As of April 8, 2008, the Project Girl Wonder Campaign is no longer being actively pursued by This site now serves instead as an archive of Mary Borsellino’s remarkable work. The board would like to thank all those who participated in the initial campaign, and encourages anyone who feels moved to contact DC Comics regarding the return of Spoiler.

Review Copies hosts several bloggers and staff members who are happy to accept review copies of creative and critical works.Due to volume and time constraints, we cannot guarantee that any one blogger or staffer will review what he or she receives. Bloggers are much more likely to review items that in some way engage with the topics of their individual blogs. For mailing information, please e-mail Hannah Dame.


Advertising space is available on Pop-up and flash ads are not’s goals are to foster an attentive, empowered comics fan community; encourage respectful, high-quality character depiction; promote scholarship by and about women in comics; and assist the professional development of women working in the field of comics. Advertisements for products or organisations that may be at odds with these goals are unlikely to be accepted. We reserve the right to see proposed advertisements before they are accepted.

Please e-mail for a price scale.

All profits recouped from advertising on directly support the organization.

Representatives and its sub-sites are managed and maintained by a large, international volunteer team, and features the contributions of hundreds. There cannot be said to be any single viewpoint or opinion which all participants have in common beyond the site’s core goal of fairer treatment for women and girls in mainstream comics.

Due to international timezone considerations, the best and easiest way to make initial contact with any of’s spokespeople is through the email addresses detailed below. Arrangements can then be made for phone or in-person interactions.

Press Coordinator: Avery Dame
Based: USA East/South

Avery spends large chunks of hir free time consuming superhero media while ze works on a degree in English at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. She has written for The Vital Voice of St. Louis, MO and produced content for both the Tuscaloosa News of Tuscaloosa, AL and the Anniston Star, of Anniston, AL, and hopes to pursue a Ph.D in Modern American Literature, specializing in sequential art. Barring that, Avery will settle for occasionally writing overlong essays and inflicting them on Google users. Ze is available around the clock for press contact, and hir phone number is available upon request.

Avery is a host and producer of Four Color Heroines, Girl-Wonder’s podcast. In March 2008 ze presented a paper entitled “She-Rambos in Lipstick: Authorial and Artistic Depictions of Androgyny and Femininity in Comics” at ImageSext.

While fairly new to the comics world, having entered via manga and the public library, Avery has a connoisseur’s tongue for odd comics. Hir prize and joy is currently the Alf Christmas Special, and ze still seeks the most elusive prey of Superman/Thundercats. If a comic has giant robots, martial arts, or costumes with hoods and/or neck scarves ze is almost guaranteed to read it.

Spokesperson: Karen Healey

Based: South/East Australia.

Karen Healey writes the column Girls Read Comics (And They’re Pissed). She is a New Zealander studying American superhero comics in Australia, which occasionally confuses people.

Her doctoral dissertation has the working title “Power and Responsibility: Fan Creators, Fan Consumers, and the Modern Superhero Comic”, but she secretly calls it “Superhero Comics Are Really Fanfiction And That’s Quite Interesting”. Her master’s thesis is entitled “”Empowering Erotica?”: Objectification and Subjectivity in the Journals of the SuicideGirls” and examines the union of pornography and women’s life-writing as presented on alternative pin-up site

In 2007 she collaborated with Terry D. Johnson to write “Comparative Sex-Specific Body Mass Index in the Marvel Universe and the “Real” World.” In May 2006 she presented a paper entitled “The Secret Origins of Jessica Jones: The Feminist Anti-Superhero in Brian Michael Bendis’s “Alias”” at WisCon 30.

Karen likes good comics, strong liquour and excellent chocolate, and dislikes the patriarchy.

Spokesperson: Lena Williams

Based: Great Britain/Western Europe

Lena Williams’ first introduction to comics came in the pages of Twinkle and Beano. After a break of several decades, she got sucked into superheroes and has since made a concerted effort to read everything ever published. She has not yet despaired of achieving this goal and can often be found haunting comics shops to track down elusive back issues.

She has an ever-expanding interest in the history of superhero comics, with particular attention paid to how changing attitudes have shaped the characters. She also believes that any comic can be improved by adding monkeys and that sidekicks rock.

Spokesperson: Elizabeth McDonald

Based: Canada.

Elizabeth McDonald lives in balmy Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she attempts to spread her love of comics to her slow-moving prey. Her first contact with comics came at the age of seven, when she discovered her local library collected hard bound Prince Valiant weeklies. She then moved on to Asterix, thus exhausting her library’s collection.

Elizabeth points to Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier, when asked to explain her love of spandex-comics. She has a soft spot for improbable anatomy, overly complex doomsday devices, and any story where Batman wears a hat.

Elizabeth has an arts degree that has equiped her to write papers. This has led her to hang out on the internet vigorously sharing her opinions.

Spokesperson: Dr Stephen Dann

Based: North Australia.

Stephen writes the column Designated Sidekick. He is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Management, Marketing and International Business, College of Business and Economics at the Australian National University. His research interests include the adaptation of marketing to non commercial applications such as social change causes.

Dr Dann holds a PhD and Bachelors degree in Commerce from Griffith University, Australia, and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in government and Law from the University of Queensland.

He has written, researched and published in a diverse range of marketing sub disciplinary areas including Internet marketing, marketing communications and consumer behaviour. In addition, he has co-authored a series of text books, articles and conference papers in marketing.

Spokesperson: Leslie Caribou

Based: South-West USA

Leslie was introduced to comics at the age of nine when her father gave her a box full of Silver Age X-Men and Aquaman books. Since then, she has moved on to a far wider range of titles and swears that Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles changed her life.

Leslie has a BA in Art with a focus on Art History, but threw her Baroque background out the window in favor of of a feminist analysis of superhero comics for her senior thesis. “Women in Refrigerators: Female Superheroes as Victims of Violence,” dealt with the problematic imagery of women and violence in comics.

Currently, Leslie works in the interior design industry. Her interest in green design and sustainable solutions for urban planning fit in well with the San Francisco design community, and unlimited access to fabulous fabrics is a DIY revolutionary’s dream.

Leslie also enjoys hand knitting, playing pool, the martial art Krav Maga, and making a fool out of herself on the dance floor.

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