February 2, 2008

I’ve Never Seen The Superbowl…

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…But I’ll certainly be checking out this commercial:

 Apparently it’s not just automakers like Hyundai and Chrysler with money to burn this Super Bowl Ad Watch weekend. Nope, it’s also the movie industry – it looks like Iron Man will be getting some love in a quick commercial airing this Sunday during the big game.

Robert Downey Jr + Iron Man + shiny, shiny cars = concentrated awesome.

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September 24, 2007

“Oklahomans Backing Thor as Fellow Okie”

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According to an article at, Oklahoma residents–even those who don’t usually read comics–are proud as punch of their adopted Norse god (but then, who wouldn’t be?).

September 11, 2007

So long, Dan Slott

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Dan Slott talks about his run on She-Hulk over at Newsrama.

It was Slott’s run that made me fall in love with Shulkie. I think that his version of Jen will always be what I think of when I think of She-Hulk.

So long Dan, can’t wait to see what you do next!

July 26, 2007

A Very Special Team-up

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Spider-man tells it like it is and gives the facts about Planned Parenthood and pregnancy.
Uhh, wow. Spider-man does a better job at giving helpful information to kids about sex than most sex educators in the U.S. do today.
Kids, we’ve got to figure out how to get Spider-man in the classroom again.

July 15, 2007

History of Dazzler

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At one point in her creation, Dazzler was going to be black. (Scroll down for a concept picture by John Romita.)

I don’t know enough about the character to know whether that would have been a good thing or a bad thing but it could certainly have been interesting.

July 13, 2007

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #111

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This was brought to my attention by one of our forum’s wonderful posters, but check out this Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed:

Reader Kate C. wrote in earlier this week with the following:

Either I read this somewhere or someone told me, I can’t remember exactly where I heard this – but supposedly at one point Marvel had a whole line of female superhero comics. Is that for real?

The answer may surprise some that it is, in fact, true. What is even more surprising is WHEN the line happened – in 1948!!

Trina Robbins has written an excellent but tragically out of print book on the subject called The Great Women Superheroes. It’s still available on Amazon, and hey…click the Amazon button on our homepage , and an angel gets its wings. Or cape. Book can be found here.

July 11, 2007

Good Criticism is NEVER Dated

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Two not-particularly-recent but still damn good articles on the X-Men:

In X-Men’s Last Stand: One for Patriarchy, Mekani Themba Nixon criticizes “the disempowerment and basic all around ‘girlification’ of X-Men leader Storm,” voicing many of my own misgivings about the movie version of the character.

In Beyond Children of the Atom: Black Politics, White Minds and the X-Men, Morpheus Reloaded examines the idea of X-Men as a metaphor for the Civil Rights and Black Power movements, in which Charles Xavier serves as an analog for Martin Luther King, and Magneto, for Malcolm X. He extends the metaphor further, as well, looking at characters and situations in X-Men as reflections of a frustratingly narrow white perspective on black people and politics in America.

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