August 29, 2011

Standard-Issue Links with Standard-Issue Lateness

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First up, an apology – last week’s linkpost incorrectly attributed a blog post by S.E. Smith to their blogmate Sady Doyle. It’s been corrected, and I’m sorry for the error.

Second up, a plug – Girl Wonder tumblr No More Invisible Girls is looking for self-identifying female comics fans to tell us their stories.

And finally, our links:

-Fantasy fans in particular may appreciate this tumblr of Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor. They’ll be adding sci-fi ones too soon.
-Hurricane Irene failed to dissuade many women from reading comics in public.
-Some great stuff at Sequential Tart lately, in particular this piece on the opportunity represented by the DC reboot and this Barbara Gordon retrospective.
-Speaking of my personal favourite member of the Bat-Family, the New York Post has previews of BATGIRL #1!

August 21, 2011

I Heard You Like Links

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-Sady Doyle S.E. Smith wants to know what a “strong female character” is. [Originally credited Sady Doyle - sorry, S.E.!]
-When fandoms go toxic.
-A historical gem in this Legion of Super-Heroes retrospective: “there are no black people in the future”.
-This has to count as corrupting children: a book called ‘Maggie Goes On A Diet’, for four to eight year olds. Ugh.
-A young girl is invited to a party where the rules are “girls come as princesses, boys come as superheroes.” She wants to be a hero, so her dad sews her a Wonder Woman costume. Awesome.

August 14, 2011

Getcher Hot Links Here!

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Women in Comics:
-Coelasquid’s delightful take on the David Finch Justice League cover is rendered even more delightful as the fevered minds at 4chan get in on the action.
-Get ready for the second annual Women Read Comics in Public Day!
-Anne Hathaway’s favorite Catwoman comic is delightfully whackadoodle.
-Analyzing the art of Sara Pichelli, who’s penciling the new Ultimate Spidey.
-In honor of the end of Bryan Q. Miller’s excellent Batgirl series, a few of my favorite Steph pieces by Dustin Nguyen.

Women in Other Media:
-Melissa Harris-Perry argues that The Help sanitizes the history of African-American women in the Civil Rights-era South.
-And Martha Southgate points out that the true heroes of the Civil Rights movement were, you know, black people.
-But what happens to the future of films featuring black women if we don’t all go see it?

Women in Real Life:
-Ladies! Are your headphones too mannish? Try these lady headphones for your delicate lady ears! (Men, be warned: putting these on may cause you to burst into flames.)
-Real life badass Keiko Fukuda is the first woman to earn a 10th degree blackbelt.
-Cecilia Payne is yet another example of women not getting credit for their contributions to science.

August 8, 2011


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-NBC is apparently pitching their new show, The Playboy Club, as “about empowering women”. There’s some weird stuff going on there.
-With reports that Captain America whitewashes World War II, Charles Blow fills in the blanks.
-Let Sady Doyle introduce you to the men of #reasonstobeatyourgirlfriend.
-Sarah Cook of Bad Reputation pines for comics. They’ve got a site-wide comics season going right now, check it out.

August 1, 2011

Your Weekly Link Allocation, Citizen

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-How DC’s previews reveal their priorities.
-An interview with the now-infamous Batgirl of SDCC, who made it her mission to ask important and uncomfortable questions of DC Comics.
-The good and the bad from the SDCC ‘Oh, You Sexy Geek!’ panel.
-Female creators are having to go to extreme lengths to get a writing gig at DC these days…
-Answering Dan DiDio.
-Not only has DC’s relaunch taken their female-creator percentage from 12% to 1%, approaching the percentage of female Popes, there are even fewer female characters – Straitened Circumstances has the stats.
-On Amy Winehouse and double standards.
-And finally, the joys of cosplay.

July 25, 2011

Another Week, Another Linkpost

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-Archaeologists used to assume that skeletons buried with swords were men; apparently, this was not an accurate diagnostic tool (swords rarely are). A significant proportion of England’s Viking invaders now seem to have been female.

-The failure of comics marketing.

-The latest Summer’s Eve advertisement suggest that you should keep your vagina fresh if you want men to keep fighting over it. I guess it’s a memorable theme, at least.

-An uncomfortable story from SDCC, as a women and her daughter ask pointed questions of DC high-ups and get mocked and dismissed for their troubles.

-We’ll all miss the Hermione Granger series.

July 17, 2011

Double Decker Linkspam

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Girl Wonder apologises for the lack of a link roundup last week, due to “human error”, which I think is the standard term for “I fucked up”. To make up for it, here’s a bumper crop of links:

-Friends of Lulu is officially finished as a group. Here’s an enlightening interview with interim director Kynn Bartlett about what went wrong.

-How much has changed in the past ten years?

-An oldie but a goodie: Privilege 101.

-Richard Dawkins: just not getting it.

-The problem with publishing explained via dogs and Smurfs.

-The Dwayne McDuffie tribute Comic-Con International wouldn’t print.

-got sexism?

-Shortpacked on the DC Reboot.

-From the horse’s mouth: Spoiler was set up to die from the start. (also featuring our own Karen Healey!)

July 4, 2011

Link Sandwiches

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A slow week for links here at Gworg HQ. Here’s what we’ve got:

-Racialicious asks Are DC’s POC Titles Already in Danger?
-Clearly what DC needs is Strong Female Characters. And Kate Beaton provides, like whoa. See also all the fanart.
-And some interesting thoughts on marriage in comics from Sequential Tart.

June 20, 2011

A Series of Links

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For you this week:

-thefourthvine’s great essay about her invisibility in comic book stores.
-a comprehensive analysis of manpain.
-What are White Saviour Films, and what’s wrong with them?
-The eternal question.
- Superman’s marriage is “being re-examined”, says Dan DiDio.

June 6, 2011

Getcher Hot Links

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Prepare yourself for this week’s links:

-A Girls Read Comics roundtable on the DC Reboot, with some great discussion of what this means for DC’s alleged commitment to diversity (spoiler: they don’t seem that committed to diversity).
-… and via that link, this great video of Dwayne McDuffie talking about audience reactions to black writers and characters in the comics.
-A particularly illuminating example of the lengths comic artists feel they need to go to in order to put both T and A on the cover.

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