September 19, 2011

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-Of all the problem’s with the DC reboot, making Amanda Waller skinny. DC Women Kicking Ass sounds off on what we love about AW. There’s a campaign going on the Twitters.
-An open letter from Juliet E McKenna: everyone can promote equality in genre writing.
-It’s been a good(?) few weeks for awful t-shirts, and now Topman is in on it.
-Graphic representations of who’s publishing the work of female creators. Frankly it doesn’t look great for anyone.
-What Every Woman Should Know is a brilliant piece of journalism in comics form, discussing reproductive rights and the anti-choice organs known an “crisis pregnancy centers”.
-Remember Kyrax2, who caused a (well-deserved) stir at SDCC dressed as Batgirl? She talks here about the parlous state of the comics industry.
-Jezebel rounds up critics concerned about the level of sexism in this fall’s TV lineup.

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