And Women Aren't Interested In Politics. That's Why There's Never Been A Female USA President.

Aaaaand back to the angry.

Joe Quesada wishes to inform us all that any imputations that Marvel Comics' lack of female writers might possibly be due to sexism are "ridiculous". Why? Because he has a daughter.

What I can tell you is that is that when I look at the pitches and art samples that we get, 99.9% of those pitches and samples come from males. I can’t control that, that’s just the law of averages, that’s who wants to submit.

But, let me also add, that just because there is a lack of female writers doesn’t mean that we’re going to hand out a charity gig to a female just because of her gender. As a father of an only female child I would want all doors open within whatever field my daughter decides to one day choose. But I would also want her to walk through those doors on her own merits, not on the charity of others or to fill some quota, and I suspect that when she’s old enough to understand that, she’ll feel the same.


The interview itself is dissected in thoughtful and non-inflammatory fashion by Andrea Rubenstein here. She ably demonstrates that Joe's hyperbole is baseless and that "the law of averages" which he "can't control" is a bullshit excuse when you're heading an business that is often passively and occasionally actively hostile to female talent. Other excellent, more inflammatory takes on the giant foot in Joe's big mouth can be found at Hackenbush and Johanna at Comics Worth Reading

Personally, while the ignorance displayed here pisses me right off, I am most irritated by yet another round of "I can't be sexist: I have a daughter/wife!".

Fuck it, Joe, why would you drag your daughter into this? She's your daughter! She's not a get out of prejudice free card!

But since you did bring her up, I'm going to take the opportunity to point out a few things.

Of course you want your daughter to walk through wide-open doors on her own merits. But you apparently fail to realise not all the doors are wide-open for her. Some of them are half-closed, or only a little ajar, or they have a big "NO GIRLZ" sign plastered across them. Your daughter will earn from 2% to 25% less than her equally-qualified male counterparts in whatever job she takes, and she'll have immense difficulty getting into some areas simply because she's female.

And if she reads some of the comics that came out when Dad was in charge of Marvel, she'll see lauded artists using porn stills for teenage superheroines' faces. I suspect her response to that won't be, "Wow, Dad did a great job ensuring equality for me when I grew up!"

Your daughter doesn't live in a meritocracy, Joe. She lives in a patriarchy. The second she was born, she got to be a second-class citizen in her own country. Unless things change dramatically between now and then, when your daughter grows up, she'll be told over and over again that men know better. And she'll be told – sometimes in the comics her daddy currently publishes – that women are not subjects, but objects.

I'm sure you're trying to be the best father you can be. I'm sure you want to do everything you can to make the world a safe and hopeful place for her. I'm sure you're on her side.

So am I.

That's why I want you to man the fuck up and start taking a serious look at why there are so few women in the comics industry. I know you're just one low-ranking guy in the comics industry without any real power and no one listens to a word you say OH HEY WAIT.

Come on, Joe. You can do better than this. Do it for her.

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