News released November 11, 2008, by Hannah Dame

We Need Your Help!

As nears its two and a half year anniversary, it’s satisfying to look back and see how far the site has come. Since its creation, the site as morphed from a single site advocating for better treatment of female characters, specifically Stephanie Brown, to an organization that covers a broad range of comics, as well as providing hosting active forums and no less than four webcomics and five blogs.

We’re especially proud of our most recent projects, the Female Friendly Comic Book Store Map and the Convention Anti-Harassment Project. Both are great resources for fans and comics professionals to combine their love of comics with activism, education, and promotion. CAHP in particular is a great resource to help con directors make their cons safer for attendees.

But we’re not resting on our laurels. In the future, we hope to:

· Establish an independent store with exclusive merchandise

· Publish a calendar

· Establish a scholarship fund for aspiring female comic creators

However, none of this could be achieved without the dedication of our board and forum moderation team. While they’ve done their best to maintain the site, all of the board members have had to balance both their real life duties and their duties.

And speaking frankly, it’s been hard. All of us are working full-time either as students, seeking higher degrees, or in professional fields. Balancing Board duties and other concerns leaves many of us exhausted and overtaxed. And we’re all volunteers; not one cent of our funds goes to pay the Board. is a labor of passion and love.

So though we want to reach these future goals as soon as possible, we can’t do it without help from other dedicated passionate individuals. We want to keep these goals alive, and every little bit helps. Currently, we are taking volunteers for the moderation team and our different committees: incorporation, promotion, and merchandising. Even if all you can commit is to moderating a forum or helping out with a forum redesign, that puts us a little bit closer to our goals. We can use you. For more information, please contact Karen Healey at

If you want to voluneer and you’re not sure for what, email me anyway! There is something you can do to help.

-Karen Healey, Board President

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